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Rey, a Force-sensitive human female, was a scavenger who ultimately became a Jedi during the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. She was born in 15 ABY, fifteen years after the Battle of Yavin, on the barren world of Jakku to junk traders who sold her to Unkar Plutt when Rey was...

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Bigger Brother was a heavyweight robot from Brighton which entered Series 4 to 7 of Robot Wars, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme. The successor to Big Brother, Bigger Brother was represented by Joe and Ellie as well as their father Ian.

Toad (character) | MarioWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Toad, also known as (Kinopio キノピオ in Japan), is a fictional humanoid mushroom that is both a single character and the collective name of the "Mushroom People" found in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) | Sonic News Network | FANDOM ...

Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds.

List of moves in Street Fighter Alpha 3 I-Z | Street Fighter ...

This article is a list of all the character moves in Street Fighter Alpha 3 from I-Z. This includes versions such as Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper and Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

Hammer - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

In the Super Mario series, hammers are mainly seen thrown by Hammer Bros. to hit Mario; in Super Mario Bros. 3, the Mario Bros. can throw these hammers themselves by gaining a Hammer Suit.

Jump - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

In the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Mario has to jump over the barrels that Donkey Kong threw at him. He could only jump high enough to leap right over the barrel, in contrast to the impossibly high jumps in the Super Mario Bros. series.

A BMW 135i, plus a V8 Equals perfection – Fresh video from ...

https:// So, this is the result of stuffing a M-powered V8 under the hood of the tiny 135i. A screaming, German-powered land rocket.

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The cooperative pulling paradigm is an experimental design in which animals cooperate to pull food towards themselves. Researchers use these experiments to try to understand how cooperation works and how and when it may have evolved.

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Najimi Ajimu Character Information Alias Anshin'in The Non-Human Who Is Just Impartial Age 3,402,193,822,311 Gender Female Blood Type AB Mentality Not Equal Academia School Hakoniwa Academy Year Freshman Class Class 13 Previous Affiliation Flask Plan All Jokers Professional Status Previous...